AP Caste Survey 2023 Operational Guidelines, Model Caste Survey Form 2023

AP Caste Survey 2023 Operational Guidelines, Model Caste Survey Form 2023. The Govt of AP decided to conduct the Caste Survey 2023 throughout the State. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this community or caste and its profession, which has been braving significant social, cultural, political and economic hardships, is on its last leg because a lot has changed in the world.

    The AP Caste Survey 2023 census can help identify the disadvantaged groups and bring them to the forefront of policy making. By understanding the distribution of different caste groups, targeted policies can be implemented to address social inequality and uplift marginalized communities.

    AP Caste Survey 2023 Operational Guidelines, Model Caste Survey Form 2023

    Without accurate data on the population of Castes and other groups, it is difficult to ensure equitable distribution of resources. A caste census can help in this regard by providing insights into the socio-economic conditions and needs of different caste groups. Let us see the Operational Guidelines of AP Caste Census 2023 going to be conducted from Nov 2023. The Model AP Caste Census Form Explained below.

    AP Caste Survey 2023 Operational Guidelines

    Background of AP Caste Survey 2023
    • > Committee of Secretaries discussed the importance and relevance of undertaking a caste-based Survey in the state
    • > CoS studied the methodology adopted in respect of similar survey done by the Bihar state and its adoptability to the state of Andhra Pradesh
    • > Meetings held at CS level - finalized modalities of the Survey
    • > Approval by the Cabinet on 3rd November '2023 to conduct the Survey for:
    • Collecting comprehensive caste-based data relating to social, economic, educational, livelihood, and demographic aspects of all sections and categories of the people in better Policy formulation and implementation of the schemes.

    Coverage & Schedule

    • > VSWS department - Nodal Department
    • > To be completed in one phase - leaving no household uncovered.
    • > Schedule:
    • The survey shall commence on 27th November 2023 - to complete within a week
    • Coverage of the uncovered & missing households/members before 10th Dec'2023


    • > Door to door visits by VSWS Secretariat Staff to collect data
    • > Voluntary disclosure mode
    • > Information to be collected without insisting for documentary evidence
    • > Measures to be taken for data security and data privacy

    Mobile App for AP Caste Survey 2023 Census

    Data collection through mobile app' developed by VSWS department with necessary provisions to:
    • ■ Purify the existing data
    • ■ Add new households/members which are not covered earlier data base
    • ■ Handling cases of household door locked/ out of station/people hospitalized
    • ■ Special care to cover migrated households, nomadic groups, door-locked cases etc.,
    • ■ Collect data online or at village/ward Secretariat
    • > Questionnaire developed by Social Welfare Dept, in consultation with the concerned departments.
    • Questionnaire has fields related to:
    • > Demographic: Name, age, sex (3rd gender included)
    • > Economic: Land - Agri. & Residential, Livestock, Professional Activity, Income from all sources
    • > Social: Caste & Sub-Caste, Religion
    • > Officially notified Caste list - including Telugu nomenclature; added in the Mobile app'
    • > Others: Educational Qualifications, Type of housing, access to clean drinking water andToilets, Access to Cooking Gas

    Guidelines to collect AP CASTE DATA 2023

    • > Volunteers and Secretariat Employees should conduct the survey jointly at the field level.
    • > eKYC of Volunteer and Secretariat Employee is mandatory at the end of each Household survey.
    • > eKYC of the family members is mandatory for the completion of the survey except for children below the age of 8 years.
    • > Mandal, Divisional, and District level officers will be the verification officers

    Pilot Survey:
    > Testing of mobile app and understanding the possible problems - VSWS Department
    > Conduct a pilot survey in about 5 secretariats i.e., 3 in rural & 2 in urban areas
    > Completion of Pilot Survey - 16th Nov'2023
    > Based on experience of Pilot Survey - Fine tuning the mobile application

    Stakeholders Consultation (Round Tables)
    > Conduct Stakeholder' meetings at the Regional/District level (Separate guidelines will be issued by the Welfare Departments)
    > Proposed schedule for holding the Regional Level and District Level Round Table Conferences

    District Level Either on 15th or 16th November, as per local convenience
    Regional Level 17th Nov'2023 - Rajahmundry and Kurnool
    20th Nov'2023 - Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada
    24th Nov'2023-Tirupati

    District Level Conferences need not be held in the Districts - Visakhapatnam, EG, NTR, Tirupati and Kurnool where the Region Level Conferences proposed.
    • > Suitable venues to be finalized.
    • > Focused discussion on successful conduct of Caste Survey only
    • > Involve all sections of Society: SC, ST, BC, OC, Minorities etc.,
    • > Ensure representation of all Caste Associations, Public Representatives, Intellectuals, other stakeholders
    • > Prepare list of prominent speakers, in advance
    • > Prepare a brochure giving full details of the caste survey in Telugu for distribution among all the participants.
    • > Combined effort of all welfare departments and District Collector to constitute an Organization Committee to plan and execute it hassle free
    • > Provide wide publicity regarding the conduct of Round "Table Conferences through proper means.
    • To offer suggestions: dir-apcastesurvey23@ap.gov.in / apcastesurvey2023@gmail.com
    > Preparation of 'User manual' and Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) - VSWS dept.
    > Guidelines to record certain castes outside the caste masters
    > Soft copy of Training material to be supplied by Welfare depts
    > Online TOT to District Officers & Master Trainers by the HoDs of VSWS & Welfare departments
    > District Collectors to arrange training at - District / Mandal / Village level
    > Master Trainers to impart training to all Officers concerned - Enumerators and Supervisors

    Enumeration & Supervision for AP CASTE CENSUS 2023

    • Enumerators for the Survey - Village/Ward Secretariat staff
    • The District Collector to:
    • Identify suitable officers to supervise the survey from Revenue, MA&UD, PR&RD, Welfare and Planning Departments.
    • Use Supervisors to track the progress of the Survey and ensure quality of the data
    • To deploy officers at the district/division level for random verification and to ensure accuracy of the data

    Time Schedule for AP CASTE SURVEY 2023

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    9.11.2023 CS meeting with Dt Collectors and concerned Departments
    14.11.2023 Training by VSWS to Master Trainers & select Dt Officers
    15/16.11.2023 Stakeholders meeting at Dt level
    16/17.11.2023 Training for Dt. and divisional officers - by Dt Collector
    17/18.11.2023 Training for Mandal level officers
    20 to 22nd Nov Training for Enumerators and Supervisors Mapping of Secretariat Staff and Volunteers
    15/16.11.2023 Pilot survey in 5 locations
    16th to 25th Nov Door to door intimation by Volunteers reg the Survey

    AP Caste Survey Model Form 2023 

    The Model Questionnaire for AP Caste Census is as follows;