SSC 2024 Public Exams Spot Valuation Schedule - Instructions

SSC 2024 Public Exams Spot Valuation Schedule - Instructions. Re. No: 150/J-2/2024, Dated: 06-02-2024

From Sri D Devananda Reddy, M.Sc., B.Ed., Director of Govt. Examinations, Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada.

All the District Educational Officers in the State.

Re. No: 150/J-2/2024, Dated: 06-02-2024

SUB:- SSC Public Examinations 2023 - Conduct of Spot Valuation - Certain instructions - Issued - Reg.

REF:- Note Orders of CSE vide GE-CPRO0RSLT(SPOT)/ 1/2024-DGE, Dated: 03.02.2024.

I am to inform you that the SSC Public Examinations, March 2023 are scheduled to be conducted from 18.03.2024 to 30.03.2024 throughout the State. The last major examination i.e., Social Studies will be completed by 27.03.2024 and the Spot Valuation will be conducted from 31.03.2024 to 08.04.2024. To conduct the Spot Valuation smoothly and efficiently the following schedule shall be followed without fail.

Item Date of
completion of work
Receipt of particulars of teachers (AEs/CEs/Spl.Asst ) working in Schools from DyEOs/MEOs (School Assistant lists shall be called for from DyEOs and  SGTs list from MEOs) 12.02.2024
Consolidation of subject wise teachers' list subject wise / medium wise in the office of the DEO (to appoint AEs and CEs). 22.02.2024
Display of teachers' list seniority wise / subject wise on website or  other method through  DyEOs/MEOs/ Unions. 29.02.2024
Receipt of objections if any from teacher unions. 07.03.2024
Updating of teachers list 15.03.2024
Preparation of appointment orders to AEs/CEs/ Spl. Asst. on the basis of number sent by office of the Director of Government Examinations AP., Vijayawada (30% of the AEs shall be appointed extra to meet the shortage  due  to  absent  or  exemptions  on  medical grounds only). 18.03.2024
Dispatch of appointment orders to AEs / CEs/ Spl. Assts. through Head Masters concerned, with instruction to relieve the School Assistants concerned to report to spot. 19.03.2024
To 26.03.2024

*DEOs are requested to adhere to the schedule strictly. Issue Appointment Orders in the ratio of 1: 1.3
*Under any circumstances Spot/Instance Appointments shall not be made.
*Collect the particulars of eligible teachers from all the managements and in all the media available.