Download APGLI Missing Credits in NIDHI Website, APGLI Subscription Details in NIDHI Website

 How to Check APGLI Annual Slips in NIDHI Website, APGLI Subscription Details in NIDHI Website. In your earlier post, we have discussed about downloading the APGLI Bonds in NIDHI Website. In This article, we are going to discuss in detail about how to check our APGLI Subscription Details, Finding APGLI Missing Credits, APGLI Month Wise Subscription details in NIDHI Website.

How to Check APGLI Missing Credits in NIDHI Website

APGLI has provided, how to find the APGLI Month Wise subscription details in NIDHI Website. With this data, one can easily check their Missing credits throughout the Service. All the Subscription details are provided to download in single step.

Let us see how to check our APGLI subscription details here. All should note that recently, the APGLI details in NIDHI APP has been removed and available only in APGLI Website.

Finding the APGLI Subscription details in NIDHI Website

  • First Visit the NIDHI Website
  • Enter your CFMS ID
  • Enter your Password
  • You will enter your APGLI Dashboard.
  • Then Click on Loan Details [2nd Section]
  • Scroll down to Schedule Premium Details at the Bottom of the Page.
  • Then another page opens with all Your APGLI Premium details.
  • The APGLI Premium deductions from the beginning of the service along with DDO Number, Deduction Amount are displayed on the screen.
  • We can easily sort out using Financial Year option also.
  • But better, You click on the Download button directly and download all the Premium details of APGLI Deductions at once.
  • Later, we can easily verify the downloaded pdf, and check the missing credits as explained below.

Checking the APGLI Missing Credits in the NIDHI PDF

  • Now open the PDF downloaded from the previous step.
  • In that PDF, first Year, Month appears.
  • Check whether all the Months are appearing in every year or not.
  • If any Month is missing, it means, that month's APGLI Deduction is missing. Then it is considered as Missing Credit.
  • Note down all the Missing credits.
  • Now we have to prepare the missing credits proforma and collect the required details to close the Missing credits which will be explained in our next post.